When you open up a school you close a prison

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Many countries invest a lot of money on arming themselves against any outside threats and forget that the worst threat is the one coming from the inside.

I read somewhere that the Chinese spent a lot of money on building the Great Wall of China to protect them against all threats. But whenever a foreign enemy attacks them they would do it easily simply because they could bribe the guards in the gates to let them in. The Chinese at that time invested money on building the wall and forget to build the people who would defend the wall.

This same mistake is being repeated nowadays by many countries who don’t invest in educating their people. Instead, they give less importance to schooling of young children and women.

This is the case in almost all third world countries who are being reigned by corrupt leaders who care only about making money.
These tyrants are afraid of education, their policy is based on making the people ignorant so as not to know the truth and ask for their rights.

Ignorant people are easy to control and easy to lie to.

But those filthy politicians forget that ignoring the population is a double-edged sword; Ignorance is a dangerous weapon that might be used against them.
Look what happened in Libya, Syria, Egypt and other countries. A lot of innocent people have been killed by thugs and gangs of ignorant people who hate their countries and have no sense of belonging or patriotism.
They are thirsty for blood and treat everyone as their enemy even their compatriots. Killing is their profession.

This wouldn’t happen if people in these countries were educated enough to know what is best for their countries and the future of their kids.
It’s education that should be a priority for all countries of the world, not arms.
Ignorance is the worst enemy that we should all unite against it.

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