If you can't write..

If you can’t write an article just write a sentence, if you can’t write a sentence just write a word, and then another word next to it and try to find a link between these words.

Imagine a story about the words you have written, if you can’t find one just start typing and then you’ll come up with something meaningful. Delete the words that don’t make any sense and keep only the ones that are somehow linked to each other.

Find an image, stare at it for a long time; tear it apart and then go to sleep. Drink some coffee, have a shower, talk to yourself, talk to things around you, shout out loud.
Go out, walk your dog you may find a story hovering around in the park, or you may find one in a piece of paper blown away by the wind.

If you have no idea what to write just hold your pen or your keyboard, smell it, kiss it. It may feel compassion towards you and give you some ideas.

If you are tired and you don’t know what to write just put your pen to bed, cover it with a blanket, turn the lights off, sneak out so as not to wake it up, and go get yourself a psychiatrist because you are absolutely mad!
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