An article a day keeps the doctor away

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If you have something to say, a story to tell, information to share, knowledge you know, ideas that may change the world or experiences that can help other people learn from them then write them down and share them with the world.
Don’t worry about quality, it will come with time and more practice. Don’t worry about mistakes because everyone makes mistakes even native speakers.
Read a lot, write a lot and share what you write; it will make you feel better. Don’t let an idea inside your head or it will disappear and be forgotten. Ideas are like dreams, we have a dream at night and forget about it first thing in the morning.
A writer is like a soldier, a soldier’s gun is a writer’s pen. You must always keep a pen with you because you never know when an idea knocks at your head.
Ideas are like birds, they don’t like cages, they don’t like to be kept inside for so long; release them, give them freedom and let them fly away so that everyone can see them.
Writing is healing if you are an introvert or someone who don’t like to talk to others then talk to the paper or to the keyboard; let go of all the things that keep you awake all night long. Unburden yourself and you will feel better.
Write to heal, write to share and write to exist. Writing is the echo of your voice that will keep resonating long after you turn to ashes.
                                                                                                                              This article has been published by The Writing Cooperative on Medium, you can have a look at it here
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