Fear is a virus

fear virus cartoon art

What prevents millions of people who are enslaved by a bunch of rich men and companies from fighting for their rights in order to get back their wealth and freedom?
What makes a tyrant man reign over a country with an iron fist as if it was his farm?
What makes people in that country accept him as their leader and therefore be treated like sheep?
What makes countries spend trillions of dollars on buying arms, and no dollars at all on poverty and diseases? even though fighting poverty is better than arms when it comes to achieving peace and stability in the world.
What makes men kill each other in cold blood? have they got no humanity inside of them? have they got no compassion for those they have killed?
What makes soldiers accept to go to war and kill humans as if they are cockroaches? Why they don’t refuse to go to a war declared by filthy politicians and businessmen to protect their investments?
What makes humans afraid of each other and treat each other like enemies? isn’t it better to treat each other like friends and allies? I mean we live on the same planet and we eat the same food, wear the same clothes and experience the same feelings of pain and suffering.
What makes us wary of each other, lie to each other, betray each other, conspire against each other?
The answer to all these questions is FEAR
FEAR is the virus that will kill us all someday if the good people stay silent and don’t do anything about it.
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